Saturday, August 6, 2016

touching earth ( a poem of no significance)

each morning I touch down
first my feet
I place them carefully on the carpet and rest for a moment
I will each muscle and each bone in my feet to take note of my demands
Higher consciousness, my atomic friend, I say, good day!

As I stand and I realize the weight of my body
the weight of my mind
I know right away in my heart or whatever it is
I carry it I nurture it
at that moment I begin to carry me through the day

I will be light
I will walk easily
my head reminded to pull up my aging form
I am a witch, powerful,  in  ways I never imagined
I am not superhuman and will parish
If death is the final end, I do not care
I am but a speck of dust on a speck of dust on a huge rock traveling really fast

I am willing to hold tight and enjoy this ride
I am willing to forgive and move past my doubts

I am not afraid of money
I am not afraid to speak a thought
I will success
I will it to come to me and you
I will your comfort and joy
I say this to myself as I make coffee
I wash my hands again and the scent of nutmeg and tangerine take me right back
to me

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