Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The day Rick got trimmed by his son Walking Dead and Rick

Do you remember when Carl was so pissed at Rick and he just told him.
"if you'd have done..none of those people would be dead.."
It was easy for him to say. He is lucky his dad was there the whole time, just being surprised by danger beyond what anyone really can endure!
Also, Rick took that to heart and listened where if my kid spoke that way I'd be crushed..oh, wait, I have gone through that harassment with my kids already. I mean just because it is a zombie apocalypse, doesn't mean a teen doesn't have to go through being a teenager. lol
Little bitch, Carl, I'd slap that attitude right off and give you a what for!

season 3/16
It  was one of my favorite episodes of all time, when Rick, totally shed the fear and his attachment to all who died before him. He let it go, he bonded with Michone and he listed to Michone, Hershel and pain brought all that.
Suffering, fear and anxiety and all the shit we make for ourselves during our own zombie apocalypse..our bad thoughts, our selfish expectations...

Now, my little rant..:)
What a word. Did you know that since the beginning of our time and communicators and aware of ourselves beings, that we have had and impending apocalypse? Truth!
Some stories lead to rapture, some to everlasting suffering..
Let us notice how we carry on and kill each other now..
Some say, if we went all vegetarian that we would be calmer and less likely to kill each other.
I say look at India and all the turmoil over who gets to eat what and how people die for eating a food. Vegetarians can kill as easily as meat eaters. they will be nice to an animal and hate you..lol
I don't care.
I told this one guy who was all in my face because NOW he quit smoking after years of it and is eating bails of salad and he feels his blood sugar is better as a result. "Nice."
I told him.
"it is a better picture that those slabs of meat you post on the instagram"
"do not put your morality on me boy, I do not accept your judgement of my diet!
He smiled and got it I hope.
Look, I eat chicken and fish. My body does not do well on just vegetarian or vegan or completely raw, I do eat a who slew of fresh food that I make. I do not have those kinds of concerns..
The whole thing with the end of the world though..
see I get side tacked because everything goes to death and being accepted in the afterlife.

A real apocalypse will be like The Walking Dead. Ragged, starving hungry violent people who have less brain and that will make them do stupid things like kill people for a kidney for money and kill their neighbor because he is brown or too white..

The whole idea is clear in any event, Rick thought things through and made a decision to live an honest life where we accept strangers and give them hope. We listen to our family and our team mates, they are one of us. We do not allow violence tho.
We do not torture, or carry on. These are things that keep us down and the big lie is so big that you are in it and you can not see it. You do not have to defend what you know or the gods, you do not have to defend them. Live a good life now, so you do not have to remember what you said and what you did.

What is the big lie?
There is no crane in the sky that is going to help you. Turn to your family and bring it all in, tight and ready for anything through education, open mind, active mind, clean home, words that flow, grow some food
be one with the stars at night, they are our true brothers. We are one, I know this, so then why all the amazement at how all humans perish?
Why so much zombie love.
Well, Andrew Lincoln is why. Good acting, yes a little over the top with the crying, but that is why. He carries that show, or did carry. i am not sure about Jeffery Dean Morgan coming on. I think it will be  good to see them at odds though. Rick always goes a little crazy before he strikes like a snake coiled. The kundalini is strong in that one!

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