Friday, August 5, 2016

my cheesy walking dead poem

those of who we've all heard who
want to be mad about our fine story
the end of the world story
the one where the dead indeed do rise like in the bible stories
Jesus was said to tell
or Paul
or Eusevius and the rest of the long robes who saved documents that do not matter
the end  where each breath may be the last
Rick never understanding how big things really were
went out looking for trouble this time
what led him to this tragedy was his ego
his pride
his unending strength to fight
his ability to know when he is down

Remember how he hides behind that mask of fear
There is a snake coiling deep inside him right now
Of course he is scared He knows what can be
Rick does
He is planning
He is well trained to take down that skinny ass Negan
Rick is the man to do it. To respectfully Unite like minded forces for the good of all
Not the lazy fucking ass Negan who doesn't want to grow a garden..ass
The whole earth is a garden and you will dig
we all have to dig
No one wants to fight anymore
they are tired
sick and hungry
and this guy wants that too
Rick will know what to do
In all his loss
he finds a way to defend his people
the ones left to talk and care for
when does it end
When Abraham dies
When Glen gets bashed

Dig deep Rick! You gotta dig deep!

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