Friday, August 12, 2016

the August, I wish I could langusih like this all weekend long

Hey man, when all ya 'll may be resting all weekend like I have been resting all week, you will see how nice it is. I work on the days that you don't have to and to me it is just as good.

That said, I wish I could stay home for a month or so and make good fuking soap for us all the days :) because I love that life of home and crafting! I am good at blending. I am good at making a good smelling soap which will not only enliven your current spectacular way of thinking, but the oils, the oils, you see, they will do what you need to have projected on the forefront of your thoughts.
all true!
I am "compleix"
Like to say this as a Wentworth character. lol
I can't watch that stuff because I can't. I am so done with TV I think for a tad. I love just one show at a time and nothing has been too worthy of my time.
Game of Thrones..meh..
Who cares about it. too slow, boring characters, and too much waiting for obviously wacked myths..
wait? The Walking very much like that but, but, we have Andrew Lincoln so I say, higher caliber of acting and stage presence and no wigs. Heath and Michone need to loose the wigs, Yuk. When Rick was kissing Michone, you know what I was thinking? I was wondering how that dreadlocks would smell after so long on the road, She did shampoo that morning so, we are good.
I need clean musky and warm, not dank musky and stinky. LOL

Meanwhile I have been trying to tie up my tomatoes because they got so big and fat that they all fell over. I made so many mistakes this year and still managed to make a nice fruitful garden. Next year, will be so much better and I know I always say that. lol


This week, I have been  planning  Lavender Soap.
It will reek lavender in every way because I will use twice as much as I am supposed to. It will be a little bit green like the fancy ones. Those actually have color in them, know that. I want the earthy green that contains the pulp of the whole olive pit. The Lavender will be a spiky dry one because I know it lasts longer in soap that the Bulgarian or Kashmere  variety of lavender oil.
I wish I could stamp a nice big  "LAVENDER" word, right on it, but I have tried to do this in the past and it looks janky. It does. So Unless I find a proper stamp that says, "lavender", I will not go with that idea..
It will look very french and have ground lavender flowers from the garden. Organic lavender flowers, mine.
Lets us now think on this for a moment..
I will add some drops of smashing oils to highlight our lavender..frankincense, myrrh, and a few drops of this and that. Yes, the lavender will surround you at every second of your washing, bathing, soaking, face cleaning, toe scrubbing..and all your pinker parts too.
I love you.
Have a good day.

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