Monday, August 8, 2016


Hello and happy birthday sweet Leo folk.

We have so much learning ahead of us and one must remember that and stop carrying on about things that do not have anything to do with me and you.
Not even Hilary or Trump have anything to do with me and you.
I saw pictures of her on a news site that were like really mean. Why? They do it to Merkle in Germany too. I do not know anything about Hilary except that she inspires ire in people that is for sure.Still though. it is mean to constantly hate on her and maybe average people should wake up and actually be involved in daily government before they call anyone names, like "bitch". Most of them are overweight, smokers on blood pressure medicine and have diabetes but yea, Hilary is evil. ha ha maybe she is. She swims with sharks and we all know this fact, "you are who you run with"!
One side says the other side is violent and then goes and makes a ruckus on the other side! Always fighting for the man, the big man,  god, who can never be satisfied with anything he made. Fighting and carrying on about a politician as if he is one to be worshiped! Bad habit as it always gives off disappointment in the end as we all know there are no miracles without effort from someone living and not in the invisible. But then why do we worship celebrities and Trump? Or cry for the gorilla who was going to kill that little boy? They all lined up to kill the mother because she was not watching him enough? All the hate and yea it is sad, but only people without kids do not understand how so fast, a little one can get in to trouble!
I wonder if they were all barren? Because if not, we are talking about hypocrites who just want to hate for the sake of it. That give me pause about our human race..all of us, brown or white!
And, guess what, there will be a new president, you will go to sleep tonight, and kiss your kids and make breakfast and eat good food..many will not and do not even care of Hilary or Trump wins..wins wins..who will win? Some, they have not had soap for months or have not had shoes. No shoes means parasites in third world countries, but hey, they are not us, we are exalted by the gods to live in our best place ever and yet, the fighting over, apples and oranges..the difference between malic acid in apples to citric acid in oranges..yea..

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