Thursday, August 18, 2016

neroli neroli neroli Full Moon Power neroli neroli neroli "oh mother goddess in my own mind, make me a neroli pie?

I am getting a very very little bit. the good stuff too. I know you can buy 5 different kinds neroli but my favorite one is 60 dollars for a quarter teaspoon expensive so we had better use it wisely!
I made soap and wanted to dump my whole thing of 1/4 teaspoon of my extra fine neroli from Eden in the last batch of soap, I was so crazy in the brain! For Neroli. Good thing I had been storing that nice petitgrain, I bought for just times when soap becomes art becomes cakes becomes witch craft!
I am goddess
Reflect my light..go, do it, show your face to the truth and be free from guilt and restraints/

Maybe being a actual witch is  with in your abilities, to be able to change or transform and rearrange if you will, anything you care to work with..craft is about work and practice. It is about finding balance and making it pretty in the eyes, the eyes, the mind, some place where a person can stop and say, "I like this, it is something worthy of my time."

I really love this photo :)

This last full moon for the last two weeks has had me gasping for a breather to just look in the mirror. I avoid scales and mirrors and it is funny, they are all around me all day. I look the one time and forget and in the wee hours of the morn, I may accidentally wear a shirt inside out from not wearing my spectacles, forget one of my kid's names or show my age when I do that..oye!
Saturn too.. so yea, when I start to want to see what "astrology" is doing because of the weirdness,
I see that there is Saturn moving forward again. it is so cool. I do hope you get to go outside and look at that giant rock in the heavens, our moon, la luna,  and know that without her we would stifle and rot! She pulls us to safety and comfort and  I loves her!

Take comfort
take stock
be real
don't mock me
It is all in fun
I  have nothing to prove
if you want to be yourself and be happy
then do it, go on
earn what you take
so easily  for granted
Saturn teaches this
if you believe in gods and mega spirits
or saints that protect
they can't
they can not go back
I say that's all you
inside your brain
the friends you make with your own thoughts and how you reason in your own mind
how you ask pertinent questions and how you is nice how you listen and observe
how you reckon with words that disturb your goddessness, your high opinion of yourself
 you see there is more
always more
and you attract what you already are
the friends you attract are what you are
the lovers you attract are what you are
don't change
be happy and all be it will be just right

neroli is what I want
I want an ounce
I want  also many other wonderful things but you know how you just can't sleep some nights because neroli made you all amazing in the brain and the ideas were plunging deeply and then rising thoroughly and sigh, I am a geek!

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