Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturn goes direct and why I will say something metaphysical now **disclamer bad language

When Saturn goes direct you can expect many things like work related..the way it happened in 2016 is relevant because the whole year, the fiscal year, school year, after vacation year and then eclipse season starting?? Look, I feel it so I am talkin!
I am for talking and saying and asking..
remember how many people died in just the last 100 years for speaking their minds to the anglo perfect race who came and killed them for saying they did not want to fight for European's war on who gets the boundaries. The 18 year old boys were sent to fight in shit trenches while the politicians planned the theater only to get a mile of land they can call their own. People at home here, were saying no and paid dearly to say things I say every day here in this blog!
It stuns me the redaric (spell that because google does not know) and  brainwashing that goes on from them and what they say and do to other humans.

Saturn direct..I know!

It hurts  me that socialists were killed, castrated and hanged because they said things that shocked and told them everyone has a right to say no.
Oh yea, you think so do you!
How many were called communists for the same programs we easily take advantage of today, Medicaid, welfare, community service, think mr big hat is all good do you? He says words.
We pay for that and we must because despotism is real in humans. They need to worship and fight for something by enslaving lesser humans. Too bad all their choices are not even their own because they are part of a slave based collective called Capitalism which always gives the top five percent a third of the wealth while using the masses to do all the work..and I am being general here.
I say read more books and keep learning because that quietude and alone time you can spend being unique and rare and and not some dumb fuk masturbating to tits on your phone.
Saturn direct
is about reality check and pain.
It is about learning to give in at no choose choice or a child's choice of what it is  they should do to be really loved,  because you are a servant of the system or you are not. You are a beacon of light for the real words you should say or are you gonna live in some bubble where your god only loves your kind of good?
Saturn Direct..
Mix Saturn with an air sign
Say what you want out loud to your self not some camera
say to your mind what you really want
why you are really doing the things you do
which leave you weak and drained of all purpose
It is not that nice to be bored..don't
be always so super next thing that you are exhausted from sheer happiness and wonderful friends on your ship..which is driven by something more magnetic and pulls you always to reality
Saturn direct is about being devoted in care
what IS your best thing anyhow
do not tally your do's
it makes for instability says me and Saturn as I have been living with him all my life..Saturn on my ascendant has been like his rings of ice and dust propelling me in his stern way..he doesn't scare me..I am already in it
I can take it

fix things now
clean up room
stretch your bones
you walk high and freely in constant observation
not disapproval
not anger
not haste
 cool mode
 clean mode
 serene mode
knowing thangs baby
laughing about thangs
don't forget to fakin breathe and know you are not the bomb of life

there are many other things
there is gonna be more
there is always more

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