Friday, August 5, 2016

I am going to die. No more kid stuff! is what I mean to convey. Not that I want you to die! I want you to be happy. It is hard to be happy.

I can't hardly wait for the zombies. That quote was from Rick and me if we were together and we would be because I would be Michonne all day. Yes, I would have a sword, I have many knives tho, I love them.
I would be like, "Rick, if not, I am still with you" She was with him from the first moment. that is what love does to you. It makes you loyal and honest with each other. She saw the man he was and even when he fell she was actually there for him. That is real love right there.  I feel like he was way over the top emotional with the husband of Jessie..what a waste!
I am like, "woah, how did she stand it when he was kissing that blond, he fell for the cliche' right quick didn't he?"  I didn't care for that and yet, Michone let him make mistakes and she was still with him and really, the sex has nothing to do with it.
That is TV and we are real life. Fun Though! I love the walking dead I love it love love love it. Nothing compares and not even Winona Rider in Stranger Things and The Upside Down..that was good though!!

Orlando Bloom naked with the big peen..woakala..yo..woakalllaaa..he is a creeper a little bit?? WTF! I guess he is proud of it. Am I being too square, is that sexy now? Maybe he thought they were alone?? In that case , no, they weren't and here is a thought, women have been naked for many many years so..if men want to be naked, then what is the big deal? You know what the big deal is.

**((Oh about that chick the other day who I was so mad at..(sheepish and sorry if I hurt your feelings about it, I am sure she does not read me I hope she doesn't or if she does, well, some people need  certain words that open their eyes. I am a messenger not a is a mistake sometimes to get too close) Being more with anyone is a sacrifice right?
I think one of the things that struck me is the mentality which carries over from me 100% of the time at work not really being able to speak my mind and catering and getting "close" with people I cater to becomes a platform in our comradeship, maybe? Shocking and still remains the outrage when one is not being served correctly in the friendship...
What do I know. I am boring and play with knives and then make soap and talk to you and then I clean up and go to work and i read another thing about why and what we may be..boring and sharp witted I will tell you! Yesterday, I listened to Richard Fineman lectures and wrapped orders. it was so beautiful to me!
I like Jasmine green  tea right now.)) in the afternoon and I love coffee in the morning. The gardens are fat man!

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