Tuesday, October 11, 2016

dozy skunk and still reeling over the sneak peak of the walking dead little sneak peak is Rick getting his hand cut off?

I pulled peppers and began the journey for winter in my garden. I was listening to Bach all day. All day because the counts in Bach are suited for methodical work and deep meditation with my plants that gave me so much this year. I got many of the suns rays yesterday and really took it in as a result of what my life is and how i work and why love it so much. I love my life and I love you.

I hadn't realized how much I grew this year and we sure did feast!

Roasted Peppers Salad with Greek basil, feta cheese, Luccini olive oil and sea salt..

Oh and a skunk has been coming around. He seems tame but no way can he stay because one bad word and your are sprayed but good.

We have music on and he is still in the garage thinking;
"oh, this is nice, look, they put food in a bag for me!" "Omg, there's a couch in there!" "Maybe I will spend winter here."
He is hanging out and so it goes..my boy went out there and said he will clean the mess because it is his garage too. I was touched by that and his interest in clean tidy home..
"he's gone for now, mother!"
"good boy, boy"))

"Rick, shut up!"
He had to say something. He had to.. because he must be Rick and regain somewhat of his dignity where there was none to be had and death is the only way out. He took the plunge then and sacrificed himself..plus, Negan has met his match and that dirty smile is about fear and loathing. How he manipulated such a large group of people is beyond me..but not really. We are looking at an archetype of a Hitler like person who had that gig going for a few years and why? Food, starvation, a need to sleep safely..protection for evil spirits..they were Catholic all those  who remained safe. No one was actually safe as any wrong move got you punished. A bad look and anything!
In real life it would be the same..some one would speak up. It is human and real. They would be killed right away.. no remorse..war makes people bad intending..mal intention..

"I'm going to kill you!" he said, quietly and with intent and gravity in his words. His eyes having no fear and not at all like the last time we saw him.
We will be heartbroken and shocked and Rick is getting his hand cut off?
He wields and ax for the last couple of seasons, They all have knifes and he has that ax. Now the first thing we hear is the dialog with Simon and Negan.
"what did he  have a knife?"
"he had an ax."
and then ...that long look  that only Jeffrey Dean Morgan can give..(should we watch "supernatural" and get to know Negan from another perspective?)
I do not think I can because that mythology is blaze for me..my kids watched that show.
Is he going to kill Negan? I hope so. I think he  will. Rick must unless Rick is the one to go? No way. Rick cannot die. I hope he does not. no, not ever. The hand being cut off would be heartbreaking..Oh man oh man...
As they follow the comics almost by a thread of space in the juggling of stories..yea?
I do not read the comics. I read the stories about the comics. I am not about to invest in the comics as there are many issues and I have sandalwood to be buyin'!


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