Tuesday, October 25, 2016

we are not equal

We are the same, no doubt, but we are not equal. I just wanted to remind you of that. :)

How violently we react to that is on each one of us. How we are to fear and to worry and pay bills and honor the gods and bow to the kings and nod to the president  who is like a king but not..
we are to bow, honor, serve, and look forward to to it. Why? Because we are hoarding, swarming creatures and for that to work we spew out chemicals that create desire, and want and all of our behaviors in our social structures.
Queen Bee to strong men with guns though..oye!
wake up and let us work together before we perish as we all must
"no more kid stuff, people are going to die.."

Life and wonderment of all this has me awake and brooding over things.
Like I wish I did not need a car. I do not like driving and well, it is bull shit with the insurance and paying more to Cesar to drive on his roads to get to his work place and serve him some more while at the same time bitches and what ever else has them all pissed at me, well, not at me really, just pissed about nail polish or some dumb dress they can not have, they get to come in and behave in the worst ways and I am to be always gracious and elegant, without saying a word. I am and don't care about them who behave in that way. I try to always be kind and accepting."I am sorry" goes a really long way when a person is mad.
One time a woman pulled my ear lobe and I kind of freaked out but then we found out she was crazy and her family just dropped her off at my store so that she could wander around and touch people.
She grabbed a guy as he was fixing the salad bar! Right on  his young working ass!
brahhhhh lol
Poor thing, I could not take her down..or give her an elbow in the eye..she is already fragile. My ear hurt all that day! I see her now and take off. I am afraid (of what I may have to do)to get near some of these people. So many angry and searching and can't sleep, and can't eat anything because gluten and sugar and I am like "what a bunch pf pussies!"
Grow up and learn how your food is grown and what it is..
"do you have organic hair color?"
rawwweerrr LOL
"Oye, yea let me take all this organic wild foraged indigo and mix it with henna and then refine it with the finest of all alcohols for you and stamp it by a third party and then say it is organic, but only in the title not in the ingredients"
I never say that..just to you:))
Retail is two faced..you have to be fake because in real life, at my house, words get spoken and we discus why and how and what we have all gone through..it seems like paltry to me. Being gracious though, that should carry over to home life as well as street life. That is how all the goodness comes.
Having to have struggled, means a whole lot as to how you now look at your life and what you find precious.
I mean once you kill a turtle to eat soup, you change, and it hurts and you never forget it. Sometimes you wake up wracked with pain over certain animals you may have killed. You better not cry now, you ate them. You eat them now. Maybe you are a vegetarian..I understand, there comes a time when you are done killing just so you can eat.
Just please, can you not say in each sentence that you are vegan, seriously, eat what you want and be free from the foods you do not want. You are making it a religion and it is not. Unless of course, everything is religion?
It is the chemicals in your brain wanting security in an unsafe and violent Universe. You will melt into and mix and become eternity because you have many many times been here as something else of the same thing...that remains our mystery..In our beginning, we were a violent hot molten place here on our rock, it was a real hell on earth..what about heaven? I can't picture anything about it except a clouds or golf courses all over the place and flying abilities because I don't want to be driving a golf cart, even a golden one.

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