Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I am going to bide my time

as sung in my mind..

I am going to bide my time
I am going to make it real
I'm a gonna sing for sure and then ring a bell of truth
I am gonna be a whore (for chypre)
I am gonna do my best
so that I am not sad nor will I  fret
I am going to forgive
for to give
for to share
for to say sorry
for to connect to laughter and love not fear
remember that I love you for real
you can drink some beer and I will make soap

I am gonna bide my time
I am going to bide my taaahaaime la la

I am going to learn chemistry and philosophize about silicon and Acetyl groups. Acetic  acid is vinegar. see, it is always mystical until you learn that it is not mystical, it is just atoms. We are just atoms. Just?

Let us now delve deeply in to the nucleus and the vast amounts of space between the protons and the nucleic blows your mind..

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