Wednesday, October 26, 2016

he made Rick cry, the fuk

Yea, I know you liked that Negan fellow, but I did not. He doe s have nice teeth!I see an ass hole from far away and man, I have lived from far away and have dealt with many an ass hole strong  man here and there who tried and failed (in the end and thank goodness) to dominate me. I guess we like the dominate as long as it honest and true..not a fantasy where you get to hurt the other person in all ways that you possibly try to do. That is abuse not love. Not friendship. Not loyalty.

I have never seen Rick so broken and ready to do anything, anything, for his family. I know because I am like that to a degree. I guess I relate to Rick the most out of all of the characters because he is so strong and forceful and logical at the same time..Oh, you think he is not?
Do you think his plan for getting rid of thousands of dead things was the wrong way? I know some are never satisfied! I know that and all the media hype over who dies and people feeling cheated..

"fuk off" and please,  "get over it" You are not watching anymore huh? Well why are you still posting? Immersed, you are in a fantastical story. It is boring some times."Moves too slow", you say.

 Well just like in real life, you carry on about outcomes and forget to live each moment which is played out with all sorts of things that are happening and need your attention, and yet you carry on  about that one outcome. Glen better not die.Daryl who basically, does, not much, better not die.
So what you did not know who got whacked!

ME! That's who knew. All the signs were played out for us and the more they talked, the more they wrote on how they were going to do it. It was a done deal two years ago when they brought Abraham in and Glen had to die. He was great and then he had to. The story changes now and we get the plans and the stealth for real because you know, Rick, he learned. He is learning now and he is in pain and learning and knows how to play the game. Submit and do not  submit.
At my job, we laugh at the bosses some days..
"tell me what to do but don't tell me what to do" lol

Carol is playing a new game. I have had a chance to understand her though my reflections on Vegans and Vegetarians and Fish eaters and Meat eaters..I have.
How many chicken carcasses can you dismember and clean before you are like, "no!'

So this bad guy, is pretty smart and I wonder so much, what he was before.
He reminds of of a high school teacher talking to ass hole students but because of laws and such could never act out what he actually wanted to do to them.
What do you think he was in a past life before zombies?

I am sure they will do a little story about him. He for sure cheated on his wife, right? A gambler in Vegas? I keep thinking about it.


  1. "HE does have nice teeth !"
    I love it❤

  2. I love TWD .. I do not have cable tho..last year I watched it on a tv channel that is about 2 seasons behind or I will go to a friends house and have a marthon and watch about 6 hours of it. . its such a good series!

    1. it is the only thing I watch because well, it is too much sitting around. I went through all the good shows as well. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, is okay..Rick anything, though!! He is my favorite!

  3. Yes..I can relate. Too much sitting . I like Rick too amd I liked Hershal.. I dont watch much tv either only exception is this week with all the wonderful older horror movies .. yessss

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