Friday, October 28, 2016

We are a dot com now..:)
It will increase awareness for my shop and our style of skin care.
Honest Free and Easy Aromatherapy

We are getting to that point where we will expand rather quickly when it happens, it will blast off.

One thing for locals shoppers of eleneetha's goods. I am not a messenger service.
Order on line. That is why I started my web site so that I would not be all day driving here  and there and wrapping before work and such.
If you want soap, please order on line and if the shipping thing scares you so much, I will give you extras to make up for it. I am worth way more than 6.10! (the cost of shipping in the US)
People get weird about on line orders..I get it, you do not want your information on line. Get yourself a prepaid card and have some fun. Free your life!
You know, even my dad will use his card on line. He will sit down with me and look at stuff. I know what you are going to say, "that is a good dad to have"
He is super generous, papou is!

Okay, that was very hard to say and live by. I am always so excited about skin care that any twat that talks to me about scrub and seems excited is just a lying whore who doesn't care enough to follow through and I am like and I know, once again, saying, "why did I go through the time to take time for a person who was lying and making small talk..that was some small talk.."I want", "Please" and "when??" I make, I ponder and I take time on each thing and do not want to rush to get it in a bag and rush to work. Yet there have been times where I will bring  and then the stress of when they'll show up. They are so busy, see?
It happens because people are very high class wanna be's..
When the titanic sank, the "upper class" would not go on the life boats with lower class and as a result, the life boats were half empty in the freezing ocean while the "lower" class perished with the ship. I am only bringing it up because I work retail and maybe when a whore sees me in a mode of work while she gets to walk around in expensive yoga pants with the ass, I am opening boxes of shampoo and butt cream from Alba just for her! rhaaahhahahaaaa ha ha ha
It is a weird thing for sure. Working at a retail store and making amazing skin care..
Look, there are many benefits  to working for Whole Foods Market and I am a working mamma. It happens. Not everyone gets to stay home any more in this economy. When I was married to a pilot and we had shit tons of money, I was still super excited about handmade stuff. I lived in the middle of nowhere most times and mail order was the way.. we had magazines back then.

 Remember The Gnarly Bitch Cream? That was so good!



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