Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Walking Dead TWD Killing for other... what it means for us

It is all about survival and I never really cared for Carol's quick transition in to this crying crazy woman.

Today I understand what that is and I can say I understand about Carol..it is too much when you have to kill for your self ( we killed a pig one time and it shocked us all enough to not want to kill the other four)It is easy when you can just go to the store and get your meat and chicken and no one asks questions. Who killed the chicken?

In an archetypal sense I will use reality to wax on walking dead stuff :)..it is not the zombies we should fear as much as the bad humans out there. you get some bad ones and destroy them and then some bad ones get you and kill your family and rob you and you are injured and things fucking suck!
Remember when I got stuck on that mountain in Costa Rica? I was stuck, rainy season on a mountain means you hunker down and because you could die..
No phone, monkeys all over the place and other creatures..so many!

Being stuck in that mess Rick is in though, that is gonna be sad and big. I am so excited..and sad because I hope he does not get his arm cut off.
I hope Carol decides that she needs to get it together. No walking away to die alone. That is stupid.
She reminds me  of a Vegetarian I have been talking to. She feels superior to others because she does not eat meat. I think she is wrong to take it to the morality clause,  like Carol. You are part of the human race and the human race eats other smaller animals to survive. It always had to. I do think we are evolving to race of humans who will have separation and plant based diet will be a must as we get in to the new age of realizations and rules..more rules.. Pluto In Aquarius is an exciting thing about to open up for humanity.
Does this all mean that as vegetarians we get to be better mentally or better  healthfully? Not necessarily.
There will be sacrifices to be made and are made for us to live the way we choose to live.
Back to me...In a wild place where there are no stores, nothing but vegetation which continually grows all over you and you have to cut it down, your muscles get tired, weak, you will kill. You will kill to begin to cultivate bananas, and what ever else you can eat. A shit ton of coconuts near the beach? Yes, 6 miles later you get to the rocks at the beach that you have to climb to get the coconuts to eat. That is another three miles of climbing. Along the way you meet hungry wolves at your feet They want to talk to you and  ask what is up, where are you from and all that small talk. Move on, they are wolves and will so eat you up.
You take a drink of coconut water and hunt some muscles near the rocky shore. After climbing back up to the mountain, you start a fire and make flat bread and eat.  Tired and super fit from all the climbing you sleep by 8 and slumber to the sound of rain through the night.
Sound good?
Yea, Beans plug up any intestines if eaten every day. Legumes are good but you need fat  for veg to be healthy enough. How do you get fat, from milk? No cow. From what? Coconuts? Not enough..In time your thinking changes, maybe your brain changes I do not know. Your shoes get wet, useless, flip flops break constantly. Hunger and fantasies of  grilling steak begin to hover in your mind. Chicken, fish,

Rick and the gang ate dogs..mmm,  dog!

Oh yea, Carol and all of a sudden freaking out about killing..wake up. You are going to have to.

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