Friday, October 7, 2016

Libras like to uncover the dirty side of life, hey, that is scorpio

So that we can sort through and clean it up:)
That might just be me and my thoughts.

I watched a really good documentary about Saudi Arabia and how they live..
oye, that is probably why I did not sleep. It was hot
Saudi Arabia Uncovered
Excellent and riveting at the same time.

Why am I getting all political all of a sudden? I am not. I don't care at all who you vote for because in the end it won't touch anything those people go through everyday.Plus, politics holds no entertainment for me. I am interested in you and me and how we survive above all that. How we lead our families and how we communicate and learn and become better on our own, not someone breathing down our necks.
They beat women, complete strangers! (like if she is out without supervision from a man.) Not just that, but bad dudes walking around all day looking for trouble. There are police and then are are also religious police.And yet, still, in all that control and more control on the people on how to live, you still have poverty..and the youth who want out of the regime. You say you want random stops like police walking around ready to frisk you? Look at what that can become!
Watch it if you want to learn something about other people of earth and then I would say, be glad about where we are. I hope safe and no one beat you today.

Long live personal freedom..
where you want to always be your kindest and most polite and not because someone is watching, it should be because you know the know happiness comes from being safe and having enough to eat. and listening and changing. Always changing.

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