Monday, October 24, 2016

I close my eyes and dream of you

I am flying, no you are gliding us and I am there telling you what I want..
oh man in my dreams I am me and you and us..I am excited because we fly together and all is well. We think freedom and kindness and all the best things..
I am excited because each time I make something so glorious
so fragrant..
and pure and I wonder if now, this is the thing, the best thing or will the very next one make me feel a whole new always does you know, make us feel whole new ways.
As I touch each oil and each new vial, I wonder how it will all transform or perhaps change me..yes,  to change my mind somehow about something I am holding too long and I think this, " how lucky I am to feast on such wondrous things" xx

1 comment:

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