Thursday, October 6, 2016

should we talk about men

if you are one and you spout out obscenities about women
or if you are a wonderful, helpful, kind person who speaks and thinks like a human not some  "now I am in charge" douche who gets to makes us do what you want.

Fuks, most men and I would say all of them but I do know some good ones.
Sad because they raise daughters and yet they go on the computer and serenade girls just to fuk ( in their mind or for real) them and when they are done they can go back to pretending they are good and God is watching!
You know which men I am talking about.. I married one..the others, well, I have worked with a few!
I was raised by a misogynist extraordinaire who still needs to insult my mother like any old Greek guy can..all those years in church, for what, to be mean..and say unkind words and be so stuck on that one time in his life? Yes, I do love my dad, so much that I wish he could change and realize what is actually correct..he may or may not..I do not mince words with him and  lately, I quietly tell him how things are..he tries to tell me fables and about some guy on a roof top waiting for god to save him.
"dad we are all on the roof top..why doesn't he just come or maybe not flood the-place so that we all get tortured to death?

Or, or..allow me this thought..
"If God is ultimate happiness, ultimate joy, nirvana, how my lovelies, HOW does this have to begin by torturing a little  2 day old baby boy?" How?? Abraham tried to kill his boy for god and we all still to this day accept that as OKAY..His faith and more lies...
Yea, we all did that, huh? Cut the boys penis skin..three anesthetics because babies forget and don't feel as much pain..sure, that is why some of them die from heart attacks when it is done..the shock and pain so great!
It is okay we say, god wants it that way, or it is cleaner..
Yea, we clean our vaginas daily and I do not see how it is different to clean a little extra skin..don't make excuses!
Why do the stories end with torture? No other animals do this, no other mammals at all..they stick together and everyone learns what needs done  to survive.

We see it more now because it was always there, we were just too busy being hush hush and allowed it.

Elephants, are run by women!
Monkeys are run by women!
odd tho, being so close to each other, as mammals,  humans are the only ones who torture and plan on torturing and devise ways in which to torture babies(circumcision, invented by a man in a robe who could not read), women and anyone else they can!
Did you know that from Tuscany to Copenhagen there are torture devices in museums to show how God loves torture?
I do not get it.
My lovely friend, is struggling with her mom and dad..they think bad things and unreal things and stress their kids out and do not even care that they are hurting many ways that I would not even begin to list, know this, it is atrocious!
My friend struggles with it, she makes reasons why, and apologizes for them..she loves her siblings..but man..what abuse happens and we all just stand around worrying about killing the next person who is not moral enough or that Jesus is watching and God loves us soooo much!
"doesn't your mom see that this is wrong what he does (dad) and speak up?
"No she cries"
Yea, we all have and then when things are better we make up reasons as to why we stay and continue..
(big guys are meaner than small guys because the penis:)
I know plenty of small guys too that are mean..
just stop, will ya!
Deep inside all the men know they are nothing without us!
Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and we run the gig for real.
Even that  6 thousand year old man they found in the ice had proper stitching on his clothing likely made by a woman because there were other parts of the repairs that looked rushed and not as skilled..women fix things, they feed you, or you can just eat raw meat outside like the dogs!
Good women not the crack heads who torture because they always have some dirty ass boyfriend with a dirty ass dick leading them blindly!

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