Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Morning thoughts The paper labels and other quick little tid bits

I have been rather consistent with the paper lately. I have also stopped putting laminate and or film on the labels. I find that they get gumpy no matter what. I mean, we go through this stuff and that is why natural is awesome.
This paper I have been using is absorbent and even though it catches eventual drops of oil, it catches it and blends it in..
I will also include a precise ingredient list for your consideration. It is extra info some really like..no worries, I do list ingredients on the menu when I list a product and feel that my customers are sophisticated enough to remember why and what they buy. They all are really..and if you buy my products, thank you so much. I work really hard to make the actual thing so good that you can't wait to wash again.
Right now, that is  I how I feel about some soaps, like that vetiver rose with charcoal..omg..lingers like a dirty whore at midnight and a sweet angel in the morning..mmmm  I only have a couple left so you should not miss it. I am telling you what, sometimes a soap just makes you swoon and carry on from there!

I have to go to work at or I would sit here and write you poetry about soap..lol

Fukin' Libras!

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