Saturday, October 29, 2016

along the way

It is along the way that I find you always intriguing
along the way that your words inspire me and make me smile
I know I can always rely on your trust in me
I know that when I lie to me
you see more in me than I can see
you said things before
like how amazing I can be
there were fears holding me back then
there were chores and clean up to be
there were rough rivers to have crossed and way high hills that looked so small from far away

Stillness approaches. Hunkering down with thick socks and baggy plushy robes. The oils are generously placed in their spot, ready and wiped down for the next creation.

My mind so rich and comfy in its ideas. My order and cleanliness on spot!
I still don't know what I "can" do and along the way, it has been and is and always will be mine though, how I walk on it and how I stop and rest and how I climb when need be.. my path along the way.
Honey Almond Soap:)

(Sunrose Aromatics) Ginger Blood Orange Soap

Have a wonderful weekend:)

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