Friday, October 21, 2016

have I been over saturated with The Walking Dead so that the season premiere is "Meh" to me?


I Can't hardly wait. These last few months, I have had a chance to read more about Kirkman's style of story telling. The bad guy is bad. No, worse than the guy who killed all the Jewish parents of a dozen children he was pondering on how to kill..yes, had too, yea? That was real and about 77 years ago..Christians did it to Jews because they killed Jesus. They had killed all these parents and had a dozen kids in a room ready to of soldiers was walking the little sweet girl to where the killing happened and she took his a scared child would, and he couldn't do it, he had second thoughts..I hope he ran off with her and saved the rest of the children but we know what happened there. I hope we never forget how we can turn so quickly in to monsters, infected.
You think we are so advanced then? We would never succumb to torture of we instinctively guard our tribe from wolves and others, other bad humans. They are out there and Negan would be a pussy  if he were really in this story he is more like a Nazi supremacist who makes slaves out of already slave type guys who can use  weapons and have convinced themselves that being a Roman type soldier is a good thing. In reality, Roman soldiers starved and perished from all sorts of diseases, like scurvy and lead poisoning. Science has shown us that lead is bad otherwise we would all be like zombies doing a crazy man's bidding. In our story, The Walking Dead, it is very much the same.
I mean who would waste so much time and resources in order to kill a few people? He is already robbing and not working for it. He is really sure of himself and it will be fun to see and respond to how Rick handles it. When he gets that look even a Negan will cry. I hope he does.

I would would like to see more passion in Andrew over his role this season. He sort of lost it in the fifth season

The tribe thing is a real evolutionary trait our cells have devised to protect us, our families and our kin.
We should always remember to nurture that and never turn away a loved one, unless, they become evil does..not based on religious principles but actual good reasons not to act on certain impulses which harm us in the end.

If Rick would have been more stealthy and meditative he would have still lost a loved one because Negan is like that. He will kill a few in order to control the many as he hones in your weak spot and takes it and widens its capacity to where you would rather eat than suffer, sleep all night rather than camping in the outskirts.
It is easy to become a slave. It is called Capitalism and Negan appears to know the in's and out's and balance of fear vs fist..
I hope that Rick does not loose a hand.
I wish Carl did not loose and eye..

It is just a story right?

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