Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lavender and all her lovely ways and fougere would not be the same without her

I mean me and all my lovely ways...
Thank you for being my friends and my confidants and my wonderful "coven" of women and dudeliciousness, who love good food, nice family life and great skin care.

That last month with Mercury was a blast and I hope we can all move on and rely on our good thoughts when things do not go as planned. I hope you are well and super happy!
Plans are only meant to change and I can't hardly wait for the next thing.

The next thing?
Soap..all the other stuff is what it is. I clean stuff, I work, I come home and clean stuff and I make good soap..yea..and I talk to you, my babes and my mom. My mom my mom, she is the bomb..of mom goodness!

Next soap is, going to be pretty awesome!
Violet with oak moss in a fougere because fall is for fougere!

I wonder if you saw that I have the bulk soap block on my etsy now. This means you can order directly and not have to worry about which is available and when.. I make everything up on order when it comes to soap blocks. There may be a 10 day wait. check it out;

I left my phone at work so no photos today. OMG and LOL, I am fine, I had to walk to a clock this morning when I woke to see what time it was and that is all I missed. Maybe my mother's calls!
ha ha ha ha