Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Wonderment

Save for winter some of the stuff you have harvested from summertime.

The wonderment of suffering to survive our lives and knowing an end must come.
it hurts us and it feels so good we want to take in as much as we can. This is why we rest each day where we are safe and sound..of mind and heart.
I made three soaps soaps to celebrate my excitement and rich longing for you and your juicy satisfactions.
My favorite of the three is the lavender with a little smooth grit from glacial rock powder. mmmm,  So nice on the body! I will try the cinnamon with mint, but as you know, I am not a cinnamon girl for too lengthy of a time period. Give me something which lingers on any day. Still, I had to.

Next, is something all together different and my love of life..Templin fir cone.
Maybe you are a,  "I am loving the woods with you right about now" kind of person?

It is all happening right now and I am in love....with you and me and us and our magic carpet of delicious scents!

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