Monday, October 17, 2016

Pluto in Capricorn and every one is offended

We  have been in it so it is hard to see it..when you are in the middle of it all and do not have a clue about the bigger picture and how humanity is always pissed off with itself. That is Pluto kind of but you have this tendency with humans, They get pissed about what you are thinking and saying because they want you to think like they think and when you don't, they start with mean words and manipulative tactics, name calling (a big one) to sway your opinion even though they already hate you for not having it as they have it.
Secretly they must have this need...or are we collectively turning have turned in to these "stupid")) creatures who are afraid of God and what he will do and create their defense. It is always leading to God..
How can anyone know what can not be known and then make up stories about pain and suffering? I do not know..but I am out of that loop. I do not accept that and pain and suffering is being alive.
That is so it! Bones get old and brittle and carrying this meat suit gets heavy on its own let alone to carry some one else's meat suit and all the threats that go along with being a control freak.. Give a person breathing room will ya!

Being here is so amazing and should not be soiled with greed and men blowing each other up and women being stoned..there should be higher ideas spoken and maybe we need to go back to how Socrates tried to teach..lets us learn and be kind..put the bible and the other books down for a minute and see how we are actually are you evolving. How people see you. How they want to see you. If you are around people who make up stories to hurt you, you must recognize this and shield yourself. Do not be weak and cower in fear of being exposed. Okay? Yes, do the right thing and do not change history to suit the lie..
America is great and blah blah blah..yea? Christian values huh? (Please pleas read, The People's History Of The United States)
Let us talk Pluto and how all this time the Capricorn comes out.  You always have a little clown tactics with Capricorn. he brings out the pampas boss, the peacock who lost his feathers (like that guy who gave women drugs so that he could fuk them) and certain shame among his peers. The shame part is about being embarrassed  as dirty laundry and words have fallen out of the bag. It is about lies being spread by dirty gossip made to cover up someone's ass.
These may be quite uncomfortable because image and status is right there leading the way for some with the  Capricorn thing. Aries, Cancer, Libra..this is your time baby! You can change and be amazing or rot in some social box you created and is only there for looks. Don't be a cunt is all I am saying. The cuntiness adds up and people seem to carry memories and pain a long time..but here it is..each day your cells have changed and been reborn and memories have been "proven' to be constantly changing, we forget that and continue with creating the story every time we think it and dredge it all up again. I, for one can remember shots of pain and hurt feelings when having a rare memory of my past, like a knife going through my gullet.Hey man, I will say that to myself, "hey man, you empowered that person to hurt you, how about more boundaries and more integrity and more hard work for you not some person! That is abuse and not love or friendship. Abuse, I say!"
Do your best, say right words, be a wonderful human. You have to try. You have to try today and that means not being a dick.
That is Pluto, he gets his feelings hurt and it goes deep and Capricorn will carry that shit for years uphill and then fakin' realize he does not need shame or suffering over other people behavior.
He also can not control people's opinions! Not of him and not of her and not of how people did what!
Capricorn energies are serious stuff. They can really surpass any expectations they have set for themselves.. Kind of like someone has to ask the questions in order and hold the books.They do not have to be gloomy or boring... They can have a Scorpio thing going and become like a surgeon. Truth! I love that most about Capricorn ideas! Let us now attend..

pay attention to
clean up
sit down and think
listen with out reacting
clean your teeth
smile more
dance for me bitche
my pie making bitche.."he wants a pie making bitch for a wife and he will honor her by doing for her." ha ha hahaaaa
I love that a sweet boy of ours. Yes, ours, We are one for real, bitches!

What do you think? Do you think that Pluto plays a part in our lives or do we just make shit up as we go to explain our strange invisible connection to each other?

"so, what about this idea, if the Universe that we exist in now came from a another explosion or implosion, this means that this  may have happened many times before and we have been here a really long time and do the elements change form each time? Is calcium and silicon the same each time or are there unknown transformations?"
Scientist, ,
"That we still do not know. We don't know if we start all over again or if it is always the same stuff"
"ahh" "ohhh"

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