Thursday, October 20, 2016

teens are the worst people on earth ha ha ha and lol I was awful you were too

I have teens. Do not think that our home is all bliss and om chanting or Bach playing in the it is but is not because I did not have to go after one or two of them..three maybe. There was the time I took down one of the the girls..she had come home like a dirty cat with a piercings and red eyes..and..and, holes in her ears to make plugs..(no, they look like old vaginas when you are 30, no)

No way baby. You can do that stuff later, when you are thinking more clearly and I will support you..""..she flipped out, I took her down with ossoto gari (a judo move) and held her there until she calmed down. (honestly, I spoke so low and so deeply that she heard me. "you will behave as a high thinker and do not have time for such bad habits as to have all night cut yourself!"
One time, one of the boys  got involved and I was like Rick in the middle of town, in Alexandria.."Me!??"

 What you thought I hurt my beautiful daughter?
I am/was a pretty good martial artist when I was practicing. Judo is so awesome.

"oh, you do not love me:((("..means I need to fit in with these chicks that wear ugg boots and have holes in their faces.." you are more special and must remember that!"

"you are becoming what you want to be right now at this moment..
do you want happiness or fatigue, dirty drunkenness and sadness??..It is your call."

Guess what? She is fine and looks like a doll face, cute, pretty and clean and well, she's fine, works goes to school and I love her. If she right now wants to pierce and tattoo, I am okay, fine. You waited and made a good selection.  None of this impromptu drunken business! Plus, Plus, we have my mother and father and well, I am not about to take abuse from my mom on your behalf, because that is bad news bears!"

Teens..oye! The sex thing! I am all like , "just be wonderful, so good work, be a good person and who cares about how you do it!"
 I do not care how they have sex as long as they are not dozy angry fuks walking around all depressed and as long as they study or work, I am pretty happy.
That was hard though. One of my boys was hard too, but he was a loner from the start,
and just a few years since that business I see gals that come over here..the whole transgender thing is cool now, they don't want to be sexual and then they do but they don't want to be a girl or a boy any more.."transsexuals are real mom and you have to respect that"
I don't care, to me if you are a girl, you are a girl and really, I myself do not feel right calling Ana, "Raffy" now.  I just say "babe" :)
She is a sweet lovely girl and looks like one to me.

I only mention this because I tried to watch the stupid debate because all of my children and their friends were seated around the telly watching the debate..they want to change the world, some of them were probably transgender..who knows...let them work it out themselves,

I went to bed thinking about the next soap special.

three soaps for the celebration of my life and our beautiful lives in soap making

let us attend to our task
let us not control outcomes
let us forgive the past
move forward
let us attend to wisdom
be wonderful

The awesome mango butter olive oil soap batch special..three bars for 13..see? I am awesome right!?/?

Wisdom Wonderful Worthy

lavender vanilla celtic salt
lemongrass with castor oil
cinnamon peppermint with oats (ground super fine like clay)

We will talk..I will take photos.

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