Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Full Moon Wishes and Dreams


(I know that is a new moon in the art work. I love the way it makes me feel))

Hello my gorgeousness and my sweet soft love buggers..I miss you all so much because it really has been a long time between posts and I am brimming with ideas, thoughts and maybe even some a song or a two step.

Let us now speak of the spkenard, which I have been planning for weeks and just did not have enough myrrh to make it the way I had planned tomake it in my mind.
I thought of something dry. It has to be a dry hot place like the high hills of a dessert country..Egypt had to be like walking in a tomb there, filled with bushels of fruit dried and spices and resins like myrrh resin and all sorts of citrus. Spikenard or  Spikenard, Jatamansi, Muskroot, Nardostachys grandiflora (synonym)

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