Friday, December 2, 2016

Cool you almost made sense

until you said you are a creationist and think the earth magically appeared in flash by god's you are afraid to even look at me because of one conversation we had and you were left answers? God is love? He makes deals to give you a better baby and find your keys?
I myself prayed to Lahiri Mahsaya when I was trying to come back in the states with my kids on a bus in Mexico) :)
I know he is dead and I knew I was pretending, but still, I was scared and looked with in..we all do dig deep to make ourselves calm down and handle situations..yes? A little ancestor worship much?

Creation on the scale of our universe is the most amazing thing I have ever learned about. Nothing in any human book can compared to the wondrous freaking universal laws..they have not much to do with us and our daily workings..these particle exist even in spite of us..(my idea there) Like air is not a spirits, rather,  made of volcanoes are not gods but only melted rocks... which are churned deep inside this giant living breathing rock..big breath is that exciting!

I am here for you, really, after all the bull shit and pain and good heart and positive thoughts from the secret, you still need to argue about stupid things only based on stubbornness. And yes, I was once a devote and all that good stuff. I am still devoted, I still meditate and do my breathing.. it is not based on childish notions when I know now about a little more  chemistry and how things turn in to other things..look at language and how words become a way of life..think and say better ones and often is a key in my humble opinion.
A key in to better relationships and that actually begets better..

In that respect, I must say, this season seems to bring out some of the best in all of us. I wonder if it is because we all at the same time, we think the same good stuff, family, giving, hugging, laughing, singing, talking and disagreeing and forgiving..bring the tree in and let us attend..xxxx

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