Tuesday, December 27, 2016

rest reload and back to work mercury retrograde

I will take another week off from soap making and then back to work.
I have actually never taken this much time off from soap. I make soap all the time on any day depending on my energy levels.
This year I sold everything I made. mostly..every special deal is gone though.
How lovely!
I do always say. I sell everything I make. I should make more.
I make what needs made. :)

Everyone in my family received lavender oat soap as gifts. So good! They seemed to love it. People in my family are oddly conventional. It is the way most folks are so I kept it simple for them.
For us, we want complex, patchouli, fougere, beautiful fresh bergamot with frankincense because we want that. We love the refreshing feeling from a good citrus rush or a deep rose.

I will be making more turmeric neem soap though and more interesting loveliness from what ever my brain wants.

Mercury retrograde
Don't go spending too much of your cash because bills and reality  are real. It is nice to think that something good is going to happen each morning when you wake up and I do. Do not be naive to reality..bad things do happen. As Mercury got in its set up to go retrograde..
I got in an accident, and now suffer from a bug with great power..
bed rest and tea.
Mercury retrograde brings out lies and slimy stuff all day so be aware of lies and obsessive behavior. Be aware of lies and cheaters and be aware if you are one too.
Greedy much? Yes, it shows on you!
You do not have to say every thought.
You do not have to "hang" out with people just because they want to.
Plans will change.
Jealous fucking bitches will say mean things..hell, bitches say mean things and beware of their onslaughts..walk away. By bitches I mean man or woman..bitches!
ha ha ha ha

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