Wednesday, December 7, 2016

finding your stand in aromatherapy

When I started this love and study of scent, I was a young woman reaching out to something real and something I could get my hand in to. I played with mud pies and made stuff even as a baby girl at three and four.

My memories are of women admiring me for my muscular and bigger thighs. I always had the legs, I did. Later in my life, I kicked really hard with them. It was my best thing and I wish I could move as well today, but our bones slow down..especially when they kick you back, you know, the people, some kick back..
Those mud pies though. :)

I am making more creams tomorrow. There will be something as a balm this time because my girls who love oily balms are feeling like I only go for the whipped things. Fine, I well make for you this loveliness, my beautiful, black goddesssessss.
as per a fragrant request by someone that I would kiss a heart and speckle and song or word or two for.

here it is..
my Reina de Abeja

Greek extra virgin olive oil
avocado oil
organic jojoba
Barry's bees wax
and a drop honey absolute which is all I have..but it will be enough because the beeswax from Barry is full of honey and smells wonderful. I am going to whip it as it cools like a mayonnaise of sorts..not too much but I want the honey to be in the mix and not on the bottom at then end of use. I actually like that stuff on the bottom for a nice oily face wash!

Balms are for cold times and there will be more. I enjoy them so much and we have plenty of perfect jars as vessels.

I am also making a serum of frankincense and patchouli..that too will be an amazing offering and you should get one before I use all the frankincense I bought on
 I have been inhaling frankincense for days, it is in my hair, and on my knees because you know why?

I walk easily through my day, I carry each foot as high as it needs and I always have a song in my heart for you...

This is what is stuck in my head now but hey we know that we are influenced by who we hang out with!

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