Tuesday, December 20, 2016

this whole year a letter to me this cold dark day

Breath in deeply because it is almost over. It is not really, we just know by the sun and where it is from where we stand, that, the year is over..we are going to have very short days and the next few nights will be loooooong....

review opportunities
review habits
review friendships
be honest
be free for guilt
free from worry that someone does not love you enough
they never will
move on
be free to say to your own self what it is that you want
be greedy for nice company not stuff unless it is my soap and in that case, be greedy

Breathe in and begin each day with a nice thought
a good plan
easy words with friends and work mates
say to them, "thank you"
say to them, "I am sorry" or "I love you" or both!

Remember who you are..
Who are you?
What do you love?
What do you learn each day?
Why the need to impress?

It is not your shoes or your hair style but it is what is going on in your head..

Learn from your mistakes instead of making reasons for them..reasons are bullshit..you always do what you want..
..because Christmas is just a few short days away. What ever the peace you aim for the next six or 8 weeks, well, stay warm, stay calm, eat well and love me more.

okay then..

time to work you fuking bitch witch whore (me)

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