Monday, December 19, 2016

I have a hard time being clear or is it that hard to accept the things I say

My daughter says that...she is so smart.

okay then..I will tell you one thing..

merry solstice to me
merry solstice to you
may we speak with delight and may we greet with some and
I love your butt too

ha ha

I do not know if you read this blog for soap ideas or whatever crazy thing that comes out of my brain, but I am happy that you do and I feel like we know each other and that we are close, I feel
see there is an invisible web of something, energy..but,  it is like a web and thing our energy, our good intention take energy and make sparks that happen..(true) and also there...wasted thoughts, all get on it and it expands so that we all are thinking the same way in our own unique tendencies and observations..that is why inventions come in cycles and political changes occur almost simultaneously throughout earth.
Why we are still in our gods phase and why we still argue and kill each other and eat like fuking pigs while eating pigs..ewee...

I am making soup with veggies today and I will try to be more clear. It is hard because I do not like having these conversations where I have to explain myself..I am a nervous person with hives when I think too

Orders are on line only.
I do not do deliveries, had I my own driver and how nice that would love that own driver, driving me and taking me and picking me  up in a warm nice.. well, it is another story,
I do not have a store front..
Orders are on line only..
this way is best for me.
I can manage the inventory and no one is upset because I ran out of lavender sage soap or another favorite.
They are all favorites. just take a look at this dirty girl here..(fuking Negan has me cussin)

Dirty girl here...

dirty girl soap nuggets two dollars each
organic raspberry seeds
organic olive oil
organic coconut oil
shea butter
glacial silt
aztec clay bentonite
organic jojoba
more honey
a drop geranium
a drop petitgrain

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