Tuesday, December 6, 2016

women do hate women why are you surprised Madonna?

We as women do have natural inclinations to hate on other women. It is hormonal and a protective thing we have built in our evolution in order to gain a comfortable home to make babies..after that, after women get past the baby phase, well, they become hags, crones, old laddies and hateful old bags..yes they do friends..we all will..
It is in new habits that we can change all that, but that does not mean ordering up a more mean old hag than  to run things, or someone who continually lies so that the truth is not the truth and never could even be described any more, so jumbled and tweaked that it was. Lies and debauchery have no gender, their delivery is different, that is all..

I am not one to care care about too much of the political lies the spew all day and night to  basically keep things running so that they can eat better and more than the rest of us or for sure the feeling of power and all that, maybe even some them actually care and want to change things to a better stand point.

We are the ones who change our stand point and I really don't care if Madonna can't sleep right now because her tyrant did not get it, but I do care that women said  some really nasty things about another woman simply because they wanted to follow the favored team..where all the righteous people go..
oye and oye some more!!Same old story and they love it because it feels good and not because it works. It feels good to be on top and look pretty.

Oh, wait, you do not believe in evolution? Well, what do you think the gasoline you use to drive around is? Yes, it is dinosaurs and plants and dead stuff..if we can see clearly how old things are and then you claim to me six thousand years..we have trees older than that!

Wait, I was not going to go there..I had to tho just for a sec.

I find that what is actually happening is people are being dumbed down. Skills which took an ability to communicate as a work force, are being whittled away because they cost too much. A specialty is not so special when every one gets a bit of it. That is why even our stores are evolving. New skills are meant to happen at this point and when they finally set themselves in a common days events we will have already transformed the methods while events, jobs and feelings are left at the way side allowing for others to take the place in a new way on an old platform..

This is an idea which scares me a little :) because it shows a race of humans who use liquid soap!!
Fuking liquid soap!! I can't even ..!! LOL
It contains metallic and plastic components which make your skin feel silky! It says so. And Vegan nail polish, we need that and it has to say..
It is so real and so ridiculous at the same time..why would nail polish  a completely synthetic substance not be vegan? Why?? You know why. Because someone who has never read one book ever, and has only spent time sleeping or watching the tv, that is why...Watch The Office, and laugh..laugh so hard...
I am reaching out today because, I get in a mental panic about the dumbing down of people and why we do it to ourselves..
Is advertising actually God? I feel like we are all always looking to shine and out shine..but all I see are fat lips and high heels and tights and high heels and well, it is pretending..everyone knows when you get home you take that shit off!
You take a nice shower with vegan soap :) and put the lotion with rose in it and then you sleep like everything is alright..
(from the office.."alright, alright, alright...")

I hope you have a wonderful day and sing  to me some more when I say to you, "you make everything alright".

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