Sunday, December 18, 2016

lavender and oats

The last thing I am going to make in soap this year? Lavender with oats?

Maybe..You know how I get, you give me money, I buy oils and we go dancing..
It is all about the oils and never about me. 

Remember the chick who does not like pine? I  gave her a soap too, you know that. I don't understand how anyone can't like pine from white pine, but hey, maybe I have to be more choosy about who I do business with. That is the one thing I learned this year for sure.
About what my soap is worth and who get to have some. Not everyone for sure. No way. look, I make art, to me it is art, I love flavors and cooking and beautiful ideas..yours. It is all up to you and how we respond to one another.

I feel like at know, my other thing, women my age which I will occasionally meet, do not know me, what I have gone through such mountains and trials and my face shows the strain, I know it does..that is the witch part, that is the dark witch in mythology whether it is isis, or lilith or ceridwen..yea..I am for sure more ceridwen.
I feel like they do not know what I have seen. They got married and settled themselves in the for the right way to impress. No not all..not all..

Still,  there is a cast system and a tone to our humanity which cannot be denied..
I was wrong about us all being the same.We are not. Some are pretty and get to do more and go their own way. Some stay and drain your chinick till you can't breathe and they stress you out so bad you don't even know what to do first in your own tasks and they are wanting you, to be with you, to talk to is nice for be in a lighter place..they can't make their own light so they want to shine under yours, to get some of that luv..your love..:)
There are those who behave as a friend,  only to slide a little insult here and there because they can't just be fucking happy to see you shine, they have to say shit..fucking fuks! LOL

It is the holidays, they all come at you one after another and it is too many people, all day..
I am generally super happy always so that is why I an a valued member of the (team), all day, a thousand faces. I was actually brave enough to hide on my break and not speak for ten minutes to nice it was. 

A bunch of shit happened so what
now you gotta run and hide to fix some broken stuff'now you might shame yourself 
for being such a cunt
I am not in charge of all you good
you must actually start
burn some sage, make some art
do it now before you rot
I am not your servant
I am but your enlightened host
watch as sprinkles of starlight leave a trail
let me see yours, I don't care, which :)
I will and be glad to will my good intentions and your good ones too
I will be happy for your success and your gratitude

 I love gratitude
It makes me happy and not rushed...
today, I  took a rest in a comfy bed, before that, I made soap for is beautiful, kind, forgiving, rare, rich, super lavenderish and clean...

"take the space you need, you do not have burn out so that someone else can ignight.."

Lavender soap
4 ounces lavender oil
4 ounces shea
8 ounces organic oat ground up
32 ounces organic cold pressed coconut oil
80 or 90 ounces cold pressed olive oil

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