Monday, December 12, 2016

ultimate truths

the ultimate truth or should I say, An Ultimate Truth
"some things are meant to be enjoyed for a little while and then they are gone.."
Everything really!
I said that to someone and they kind of hugged themselves and said, "no way, no no no.."
I laughed a little..
"oh yes, and no matter how much you cling to that, it will still happen and you know why?"

Because some things are only meant to be experienced for now, right now and right this day..and no matter how much you cling to your desires, it is still happening and will happen again and again until you get it or don't get it. Some humans coast through like content with simple things and some are greedier than others..I am greedy for frankincense and patchouli in any combo. Don't give me, "it's the only way", I want to experience every way there could be and frankly I do not have time in my life to complete all the possibilities. I do not cling to any of them but I do have fond memories of certain oils. Very fond memories. That is the whole point, to leave a memory that lingers for the good, of all and not always just you.

If you don't get it, well you will cry a whole lot. You might even scheme to have it. It is what greed is. When you are so attached to someone or something and they are changing before your eyes  and you don't feel the same way anymore, or they constantly request forgiveness and you still hoard these concepts where you must maintain a certain social standard of someone else's template. Maybe you have your own template already and that means letting go of your baggage.
There will be a tomorrow whether you open your eyes or not, and it will happen the next day too.
There will a strong lavender and there will be a smokey pine and stinky spiknard. It is the magical  qualities of each oil that transforms us.
Also here is another one,
"when you are hearing "I am sorry" more than "I love you", walk away. Don't stay..they are self absorbed bullies, they are and the longer you wait, the more entrenched in muck of sadness and depression.they are mood vampires, they are lairs and make you the same way because they need a escape)) goat to be mean to.
You are more worthy than a hair on their pubis..mhoowhhaaaaa!!
It is never too late to be free of manipulation and selfishness..
It is always time to say what you want.
Do not rely on others to help you on this. You are alone in it.

I am
have a good day..

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