Thursday, December 22, 2016

welcome to the dark

Things are what they are right now because of what you have brought to the table.
I bring you grease and oil and fat and wax and dried plants and roots to settle your back.
a smile on your face now and then
sometimes no because you think I am talking to you
I am of course and me and them
You think I am judging and crying and yelling
I am not
I am simply presenting a new subtle more interesting plot
that is when I have my best words coming out
that is when pure delight at the thought and a little discomfort at the prospects
the expectations and continued rejections of people who are stuck
in hate
in lies
in jealousy which is hate
in rushing
in exclusive rights
in perfect little lies
a trail of stars..whoosh...

who am I but an old witch
doing my thing way before you came along and tried to claim me
climbing hills and crying for love
dying for love
chefin for love
making soap while crying many times in the early days. You were't there
you didn't see the pain and suffering I saw on others and how they live
maybe you went and stayed in a hotel where they all served you and went home to their rice and beans
I don't know about it
I only know that is is okay and we are not the same..

I am an old witch
not afraid of my truths
I am aging beautifully and I didn't say without woes..
only that I do it with grace
that is the only goal
to wake up refreshed and ready
I am ready and the lines on my face reflect something from each step of my time here.
I am content
grateful to be sure
look nice and smell great
this is me at 58

Except when a secret shopper doesn't like me which is 50/50, then I freak a big baby..what do you mean I didn't engage enough? I spent friking 10 minutes explaining to them how creams are made  because the fake question was fake and you didn't even care! putas!
What, who is this whore that  that said"I rattled off some names of products"? I do not rattle, maybe she should learn more words. Everyone knows I speak  quite clearly. Too clearly..

The way I look at it is this..Stockholm Syndrome..that is when you begin to sympathize with your captors..crazy true!
In a more subtle sense, secret shoppers are an insidious way to spy on your work force. You should be on the floor talking to them but you are too fucking busy to see what they actually do there. there are cameras, it is not enough. You would rather waste money for an added expense so that you can spy on your "team" mates..sure,sure.
If you are married think of it this way. This includes lovers and mates and all the gay and trans youngish want or think about...your lover and you just had the best sex ever, you ate apples (only apples, nothing with bread) in bed and made love like the stars shooting through your bodies, sweat rhythm eyes connected to something greater..In the morning as you have coffee and look in to each other's eyes, you say your "good days" and go..only to fully accept, that your partner sent a person just sneaking up on you to make sure you use all the right words and talk they way your lover wants and then to also make him money and never give him cause to be jealous and he will make sure..or she, or them..Isn't it a little bit like that?
"I love you, thank you, I don't trust you and never will, here is some more money."
"okay, thank you so much, I had better use all the right words"
did you like the shooting stars through the body part?

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