Friday, December 9, 2016

messy head so cold and winter is here

the messy head is me on any day of the week the cold is out side and the winter comes like on a wind and it gusts and the leaves fly and land on us, and it snows. I covered the fig yesterday with rope and blankets and I might keep adding. Last year I covered it so good that it actually produced for me. This year she was harder to tie up because she has rooted herself pretty well in the south east corner..which is naturally the best corner to start with in witchery. You tend to begin at a corner. My bed faces east. You? Where does your bed face? Are you under a window? My window faces west and my bed faces the window away from the heater.
I was fukin hot all night and freezing at the same blanket weight perfect but just too hot. I had the window a cracked open too so as to not be too stuffy and hot all night. Maybe I am done with the duvet? Too much linen is heavy and stifling.
A messy head is what I Liz Taylor from the sixties with out the
I have actually begun to connect with  my hair a little. All these years with a mop head in a I cut the hair and it looks so nice. I have also lost lost about ten pounds off of my skull and the scalp is so happy.
Yup..a woman gets older and she is done caring for people and must tend to things that are weighing her down. One thing is, the blanket..ha haaaa
next, the sticky floor at the moment because one of my kids decided to pour hot water  in the honey jar as to get all the honey out and I spilled it..ha hahaaaa Now I have to clean up all over again!

Nothing is weighing me down..ha ha ha ha
I love you

So, the honey though.. I was saving it back for a scrub. I didn't tell them before hand but some one loves honey around here. It is okay, they needed the honey because my soup was inedible. I added too much hot Hungarian paprika and it was a fail because I was not wearing my glasses and used the wrong canister of Hungarian red stuff! Dammit! I ate a bowl and maybe that is why I was so hot all night long. Hungarian hot paprika is hotter than anything I have used in my life yo! Wow! I did put about a tablespoon in the pot thinking it would be sweet and then the smell of it make me realize what I had done. It was sad and I will remember from now on to check the containers more thoroughly...
The bad soup goes. I won't cook today because I will eat salad and bread and olives. Maybe a tomato, something light on my body.
I am sure of one thing about hot peppers, they will help with all sorts of maladies like cold and flu because red components in veggies and fruit are made up of these really tiny particles which kill bad stuff and also help the heart, your skin, more spice, just not spoonfuls..:)

Nothing is weighing me down..not even me
I am not sorry that it is time to be free
no sir, no way..
It is time to not be sorry that I am what I am

Nothing is weighing me down..except that there's not enough Rick in The Walking Dead!

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