Thursday, December 8, 2016

working with jasmine

Jasmine grandifolium...

I mixed this 10 mls of absolute with ten mls linden blossom absolute and grapefruit oils..
I have one drop honey absolute which I want to wait to see if I really might not need it as my will my idea of what I want is a jelly with a sunny yet super dirty jasmine coming out of a big snappy citrus grapefruit snappy..linden? Oh yes, now, linden? It made me really happy, is all can say about linden. It is so odd and so nice and so pleasant and so effervescent even. Attracting, jasmine is all about attracting wealth  and my song is all day shreem, shreem, shreem..and my breathing is four by four and my mind forgiving my uncomfortable thoughts and I am sure comfortable with most of my choices..

La Reina De Abeja

The Queen Of The Bees

The jasmine makes you feel like thick stomach quiver and then you might want more, one more whiff to see if you actually felt that way..yes, I do..each time.. like hot night with creatures all calling to each other, some we can't even hear super sonic, ultra is real and so are atoms all spinning around you right is so fucking cool I am having to breath it all in right at this moment and be still to ponder on jasmine.

What is is this secret dirt she makes and why? why? Does she bide her time? Does she know she is classic and beautiful at every phase?
I think so, but remember about the mistress, the secret lover, the mystical forces yet to be known?  That is jasmine all day long and lasting through the night. Even now, I can close my eyes and can a nice little dose of 2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid..nice word there which is why I make other words to describe my idea of jasmine scent. seductive
fine things
There is a place for jasmine for me..she brings me nice taps on my back when I say great things which inspire, and make people feel free
to say any thing they want to without hurting each other's feelings and to not have to say every is all about confidence and poise.
Attracting is what I want for you..attracting with your mind, your actions and your ideal wants and conditions. Attracting loads of money. People want to give you money and you always have enough..
Jasmine is wealth, it is goodness and it is smart thinking and quiet words.
It is looking good, it is secrets, and secret love affairs and stinky sex..:)