Thursday, December 29, 2016

platonic solids

So much beauty in math, right?
Is there a philosophy to mathematics and what is the benefit of understanding platonic solids and the extension to sacred geometry?
Dude, I am a soapmaker mamma! Don't expect all the truths to be commin' out my mouth..just some of them.. :)

I hope you are doing well on this fine lovely day, it is not freezing out there but the chill in the air says stay in as much as possible. I have to speak with the insurance lady about my car and fix the dryer because Mercury retrograde breaks stuff.
One thing about, brave, Merc, hot blooded merc...lying fuk merc..don't worry though, while he is kissing you, he has a twinkle in his eyes and already looking at a way out..or you are.
Are you looking a  door? Not death. leave death to the famous.
A door and a way out of a mess you are making right now. Good. It is not your mess. You get so scattered, it is not even funny. Leaving a trail of crumbs and garbage..
yes you have. It is time to stop and take a look at what you have created. What you have allowed and pushed in order to keep a person where you want them. And for what?
Now what, your lies and cheating have brought you to this point. Are you going to be a beggar then? Are you going to be a swimmer like a stealthy deep sea kind not some wee sardine anyone can gobble up. Leave that to the masses who flock now to essential oils like hungry vampires.
Next week, it will become other them which will end their mental suffering and breakdowns and their hunger for more anything to make it even better than it is.

realize this..:))
"if pennises grew on trees, we would not need men" ( I don't know who quoted it))
ha ha ha ha
Not True!!
me, "well, just because you are strong, you do not get to me mean"

Men are mean. They get to be mean and beat on us or burn us or marry us and then beat us, whether with words or actual beatings..I have had both.Greeks beat their kids in the olden days and right now somewhere there is a 12 year old girl being tortured and beaten by a man who is strong and mean..bad combo..not that women are any better in this..look at the same mother who is willing to cut off flesh from her daughters vagina  so that she never feels pleasure!

We need each other, we should love each other, we are the same and man is not better that woman.. stronger physically but not better.. so stop with the bickering and get to work,. read a book, clean your room, wipe down the tub and look in your corners for debris you just been passing by for days and days and finally now you  must, you must take that sickle and it.
Do not swipe at others just to make your self feel more important. You are not more important.

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