Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1st astrology ideas on the coming year

Aries..observe and act wisely. Do not ponder too much on the details unless you are tending  to be blind to the whole  truth a little because you can't handle the truth. The truth is, you can and you should instead of worrying about who did what.
You have your secrets too, you know that. The problem is that and I do not think it is a problem at all but it does hurt some peoples feelings especially if you are an Aries get mad so easily! Dude!

art and waiting and feeling like you've worked your ass off and continue to make it good as any bull can. I would say that there are some wonderful payoff's coming for you.

Gemini..things are really good, and you are the best that you have ever been. I know it stresses you out when bad shit happens to less fortunate family members. Calm down and focus on what needs done at this moment. Be kind and a little more forgiving. Sneaking around? Maybe but some of you are in a strange place of what is socially accepted and what the real self wants..a little pot and your mate is like "no, pot is for whores and vagabonds" lol
Tell them to grow up! If only real problems  were so easy, right? It is always easy for you because you are so pretty! always make  me feel so grateful and contented. It has always been that way. You want so much, grab what you want then! Take it! They are all wanting to give it to you because they, we, know that you are accountable.

Leo..jeez..enough vacations baby! You need to get your ass up and work unless of course you are planning to now become a trans gender artist living in the slums to "see what the poor live like"
I feel like you have a tendency to change the truth to what you want it  to be..that is why Leo people are such great entertainers! It is time kids. Be real and be free and don't bring lies to the table in order to justify your life as it is today. You have had all the choices to one else can take the blame for your life! That said, don't look back, move foreword and stop complaining all day.  I am not mad at you, I just say what I want. are in love with love. I know this. This is why you are compassionate and supportive. Until you are not!  Until you are not..
Be here, we need you to BE here, not some dream in the past where the food was better and the sex was better and you sit and make loved ones sad because they might feel they can never measure up to your illusions of love and  the past and how great it may have been. You have your sad memories too. I know. You may hold them as treasures not to be let go because as soon as you do, poof, they dissolve and you must be accountable here and now again..
I love you, do what ever you want tho, so then later you do not have to blame others for your choices.
It is deep. (Rick aka Andrew Lincoln)

wait..that is me..okay, smart, smart,. observant, alone and never alone, creative, centered and enjoys a dirty aspect of humanity, fair, somewhat open injustice, can be a stickler for the rules..and then maybe too much complaining. I like to call them rants because when you are on the computer writing, many more things can come out than you would say in person face to face. That is the beauty of finding an avenue to express your thoughts and wonderment..
I love you, my Libra ways!

Scorpio...take charge and know you are loved. I love your moon in Scorpio if you have one.. and I love your scorpionic rock star ways. You show up what I need you and you tell it like it is. You always support and revive my thoughts and heart.  Scorpio is both an eagle and a scaly creature who hides under rocks. they can anyhow. Or they have someone doing the hiding. It is hard on them but they seem to take the pain and still carry on. If anyone can keep it real, it is Scorpio.

Sagittarius..look I love you and wonder when you will stop following myths and come to some sort of conclusion that the old ways are not better than now. Some Sag men need the freedom right now to play a little but they are serious under the jokes. they are shrewd and put in effort and as in Gemini they are so face and all.

Capricorn...while everyone else is busy pretending they are wonderful, you have stayed quiet. I respect that because I am not as quiet. I love the way you open to to me and show me ideas like a muse like a song written just for me and it is always changing too. Like some days you are Benny Hill and then you say words like Shakespeare. Your logic and your wit and the way you can laugh at all of it.. (Daryl, aka, Norman Reedus)

Aquarius..good, you've calmed down a little. You have the ability to change and see the world for what it is, next year is a stellar year, where you will really become more down to earth and more real with your loved ones. Some of you may think you can stay young forever because you are more and you are different and you will will but the clock still keeps on ticking, even for  you.

Pisces..almost like Virgoan memories flooding your psyche and not always for the good. You have traveled far and now it is time to give it a rest a little. You have given and boosted wealth and now it is time to know that there is always more and you have powers to change minds, I really would like it if you changed yours. I do like it that you help but please take a moment to care for your own needs. Tomorrow they will all still need more from you...they...

I love you and l love science..these little astrology ideas are me going back to some sort of memories which have flourished because every book that I have read has brought me here. I am healthy and happy to be with you every day. I am happy that I can make beautiful skin care and I can try to be happy even though someone liked and then unliked one of my items..hahahahaaa
who is this person unliking things?

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