Sunday, December 11, 2016

hello snow and winter broom corner

I was going to take a picture of my broom corner but it s too dusty to show you. :)
It is cold out there so I wont be sweeping just yet.
We have a huge storm system over us right now and they say I am quirky and strange because I have been feeling it for a week. I pulled a muscle playing with my grandson is what actually happened. I know, it is hard to accept for me but I am not as limber as I once was and I was not drinking enough water.
Water is the key for muscles and everything really and yet we don't even care about throwing away Styrofoam cups from sonic! How many coke cups have you thrown away lately?
I can't, it is too much for me to ponder on. this is why I love soap making and cooking so much, you can enshroud yourself with good vibrations and thoughts, direct thoughts which mold what your mind set forth...and make good stuff!

I am packing orders tomorrow and it is going to make you so happy. I know it because you love what I make, I do it for you, and only you.

I think I make myself clear about life enough that you do not mind my frankness by now. Look how I have changed.
I am okay and I have to be super firm at a couple of meet them at the whole foods and they turn fuking weird. One wanted to return the  pine soap because it is too strong but she wont go to the web site to even see what I have.. "just give me three of any smooth soap, no scrubbies"  this is her quote with each order because she one time bought one scrubby soap from me and she does not know how I remember things perfectly and that I know she is a virgo and I a point..another one,
the old lady who loves lavender tried to return a "gift" of lavender mailette spray because she never smelled a dry lavender before. She brought it to my job! I almost lost it.."some thing might be wrong with it" I smelled it and it was dry mailette lavender and I couldn't believe it. " I gave you this as a gift, throw it away if you hate it.."
I tossed it in the think I want her cheap energy in my house after all the negative stupidity? Never!
I told them both, I do not do returns..I do not do returns. I will never sell a soap that has been to someones house for two weeks and the back to me and then to someone who I love. Who raised these people? How did they get like this? Don't you think they have bad manners? Am I too sensitive about pine?
Hey, man, Uranus is retrograde! I am!

Sometimes, it takes me a while, and yet, I will always reach an ultimate end of my patience, even with myself.

It is all true and I feel free and clear enough to say it.

You either love aromatherapy or you don't..nuff said, right?

Also anyone who is against white pine absolute makes me think they are not worthy of me. Wouldn't you agree?

breath now anastasia and hold it and stop..

I feel like what I do is really special not just another toy for bored somewhat rich suburban housewives with nothing to do but yoga and shopping..
..ha ah..okay I will really stop....

It must be the frankincense. I put a bunch on my knee. I felt it as it penetrated in my skin and it made things really nice.

I have made some new soap, I took my time and prepped so good for it. I hope you try a few. I went back to my recipe with 80% olive oil and 20% organic cold pressed coconut oil. The beauty of these two fats together make me so happy. Smooth, creamy and decadent..all for you.

I have few nice gift sets I am making for my peeps and for now, I will clean the kitchen and go to work..which I love because the people I work with, they are kind and doing their best. I will do my best too.
I love you for reals baby and even when there is dust in the corner near my witch broom. I pass it every day and don't really mind. My broom is ready to sweep even the most subtlest of mean vibes..
I love you and love vibes..good vibes and comfort vibes, lots of money vibes, great customer vibes and excellent skin care.

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