Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the numbers game and mercury retrograde in capricorn

Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn
which also brings the guy with the cape and the big scythe or sickle
This represents many many things all relating to reaping what you sew
control of snakes..
also to!

Saturn Cronnos

He is not a nice guy at all. We want to love him because he kills snakes while we are trying to cut the wheat  so we can eat for the winter and our children will live through the winter where no fresh food is available for months. One can see why we created these images to soothe the inevitable. The darkness and the inner struggles we all must face. Sometimes, I am wrecked for weeks over stuff. it is my emotional nature and why I lean towards crafting and as I have plenty of Saturn aspects in my chart, it would seem that I am no stranger to pain and getting my shit together..
I am like a 12 year old child in so many ways and like a fuking guru in so many other ways.
That is all about Capricorn. The ability to really experience inside something subtle and real and painful and uncomfortable and a need  for this is so great in us that we make up images to  help deal. We are all Saturn and that is my point. Also people die, get over it..they die, you will die, I will die and the house payment will go to someone else. :0)) I am not going anywhere just yet..maybe...I think though, I will make it through this cold.

There is something which binds us. It is created by our brains and when we all think basically the same thing but in different languages, we create our gods based on how we survived another day. Saturn is not about just surviving though. There is a deeper meaning always and yes, big loss, heavy rains, and body diseases which cannot be avoided in their task being as that we can only get to them after they get to us..ever wonder about that?
This does not  mean we are helpless. Saturn teaches us to cut through the bullshit and stay on task or die. Elevate yourself so the crawlers cannot easily get to you.

The numbers game is  an interesting little addition to my rant this morning..


nines are about ending, shedding unnecessary dispositions and your thoughtless habits
tens are about starting something new after sobering realities..

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