Wednesday, December 21, 2016

solstice 2016

ashes ashes bring roses next year..

I have been reviewing a lot about humans and how we linger on ideas that keep  us separate from our culture, society, and each other. If you let people to privately chant and worship, leave them alone..who cares? I guess the  dummies who would send their 7 year old daughter to be blown up for God..nice one dip shit!
All I know is that I work at a very busy place and we work together in a store and you can't bring that shit in there. Every one comes, all of us, in robes and and dots and shaved heads
with glasses on and with skirts and capes and really high heels. models and tv girls.
and with green capes is cool and babies  babies and more babies..I love the babies..Jack comes to me now..for hugs..Ah luvs them..there's one with a red coat, lucy..we all don't care about any of the differences.
It is super interesting in a way that when I read the news and of the greater violence on Earth based on religion and separation of ideas and how people actually live and work together.
Here in the Detroit area, it has always been diversity, blacks, whites, mexicans, my cousin helen married a guy and  they called him mexican..all I remember is that he was beautiful and I know some purists say things like "taking away our culture" and "the american way"..
which time. My  great grand dad came here in 1913, which culture should prevail over all of the american way ones?

Well,  I will take it further.
the smarter that you are, the less likely you want to kill other people.
In Costa Rica they call dark skinned people "neggro" as an is fine. Changing that endearment to a bad word is mean, jerkavich!
The smarter that you are, you don't demand religious foods on just never do.
And don't tell me Stalin was an atheist..he was raised orthodox christian his whole life.
Remember everything is built on something before that..that is evolution and never stops..even if you never change your mind, it does not stop..
He continued with remarks..
"look at Japan, 98% Japanese"
I don't give one thread about "They come to my store too, it is totally cool, they have money."
"I am talking about our ..culture.", he said..
"So what? How do you t think he native  nations felt when men  came here with guns and bombs and disease, slowly making them as if strangers in the land their forefathers built up on, made languages and yes they believed that a giant turtle held the earth..but the knew nature and followed the seasons and were tough and fit..ah, the white man came and made it their land??"
it was not that long ago in time..
Humans as we are are very young  are only babies in this whole time thing. Who knows what is next?
The smarter that you are the less likely you are to make war on others.
I am not saying don't fight. Smart people listen to other  smart people, do not believe in fairy tales and know the real powers of the mind.
(by the way, it is a myth that you only use 12% of your use is always working for you)
When you are longing for knowledge you do not linger on myths too long, you can not.

"Can you be super smart and super hateful?" He asked me changing the subject.

"Imposing as an intelligent person while still lingering on false myths is not only a lie my friend but it is not smart. It is stubborn pride. I am talking about real intelligence which  is telepathic, telekinetic and always does not care about you personally, only you should care about you personally.."

2017..hello my friends hello
you make 2017 which is 10..of course we must burn and destroy the already disgusting violence once and for all and leave the zombies in ashes so that roses can grow, not only are they so nice and sweet smelling, then make every one happy while they study and learn more about awesome stuff..and will now linger  linger on a wooden goddess on my healing heart
( a sweet sweet girl sent this to me)
as I sat on a chair crying I noticed an unexpected delivery for was a sweet sweet kind and I calmed down more holding a little goddess made of wood, naked, reaching for the stars..
I was crying..
because the boy who hit me just then and broke my car but good..
I was so shaken..
"what the fuk dude!"
I saw his eyes were so sad and sweet.."why??"
he said shaken, "I had better get my papers.."
I am like oh, yea, the papers..every one took pictures..
well, how inconvenient, I must say, friends and that thank goodness, no one  was hurt..the cars are broken but good and now my back is a little disrupted..I am fine over all.
I saw him in the shopping mall driveway...he just drove out in the road!
I was so mad and did not wonder if he was my enemy based on his skin color, race or religion. I just saw his face as a boy about 25 and he was nice. sweet boy.. my car?
broken and

by 2038 religions will be rare, the numbers do not lie or care..they don' say that they do is stubborn pride I suppose.

I want to wish you a most amazing time of reprieve, solitude and resting and eating and being content because family and mamma and papou and babies..
I love you all so much and know that always!

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