Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Uranus retrograde and get ready to screw up

Remember when I told you that we shouldn't overreact because things will break? I did at some point, I am sure:)
Well if you have already not felt this impact, I will say that the magnitude must rumble
and then if your not careful you will tumble down and dark hole you can't get out of
each step up and then half a step back.
Uranus being a higher octave of mars see? It fits into our myth as to always want to win. A race of homo sapiens..the mind and all that.
We don't want to be but we are a collective radiant thought inspired race of humanity.
We want to race against time and pretend and we want to be on the top winning side..oye, god forbid, ninx on that thought! Winning is complaix :)and fundamental only in crowds..
for me to win is for me to give and be free of want..that is winning..
Broken walls and giant chasms  between us does not change how our brains work together here on earth or they may yet to be defined ways in which our other planets shifts effect us electrically..How our sparks fly and what sparks burn things out.
Sudden realization, news and lovers are to be expected and not always for the seeming good..I am getting too far in the philosophical ideas..I am excited about so many things that I might just sing soon or cry, I don't know which.

Anxiety much? I am and you know why? I have had to face some hard truth for me. I am running a business and the post ruined a box , a very expensive box. I was  saying to my daughter, I said, "can you imagine every week's profits as good as this?"
She raised her eye brows at the prospect of such lovely thoughts..and then bamm, Uranus, package fucked up beyond repair..I am so upset at me, the thing, the time and the money and all of it..putas, I said be fucking gentle, handle with care and all that good stuff. I put it all in a big nice box too..oh man..
It is okay..I am okay and maybe the customer will be okay..it is a ball breaker for sure. I gave her a complete refund and did my best as I could. I  .am also sending her some new wrapping and labels and a glue stick if she can repair any of the product.

I feel better and want to say that if this is all that happens to upset me then my laaaife is  good...I will now continue packing orders a little more thoroughly and not fret and be free from guilt and worry. You know what I always say, "some money is not worth making"? Maybe it is true to some degree, or are there simply hills and valleys and words said and repairs made and maybe things broken..yup, living is this way and not just quotes from the facebook on how they think we should love each other.

Do you want me to talk about god some more?
ha ha ha ha
I have to make candles but maybe next time. :)

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