Friday, December 30, 2016

friday goodness

are you really going to party down just because a turn of a clock?
Make a skin care night right now!
Clean your face but good and then curl up and rest.
I will watch movies and thrive in other ways this coming year. Which movies? Maybe just lectures on math again, the same one I should watch over and over and how there are only five shapes there can ever be.
5..only five and forever five..
wow, how can any one care about a purse more than that wonderfulness?

I just read my last post..drivel and errors as usual but I think there are seeds of truth to my writing so I will continue and just write whatever I want. No one can beat me up for my thoughts anymore and that is nice. So I spew like any Libran would. Speaking of Librans. that Oscar Wild! He writes his pain so elegantly, his own pain all day though. He was clearly once attractive just like Dorian Gray..
This is not a book review though..
I really want to talk about what I am working on this morning and yesterday and the days before.
An olive oil cleanser. My girls seem to want it so we will make more than one.

How about a set then?
Like a dry mask and an oily wash and a little bit toner with apple cider vinegar?

It is really nice.
The oily rose gelee' is not as thick as you might imagine and you only need a half of a dropper to wash your whole face. There are actually two of these interesting oily cleansers and face tonics. jasmine with linden and honey for those times when you want the secret powers of jasmine which are self worth, female empowerment (by not being scared of men) and allowing wealth to come easily and often. To me that is jasmine. I can put it on my heart and speak of more profound things and I can put it on my belly to attract more carnal yet satisfying demands of my human form. :)
 In this set, there is a fabulous mask you can use wet or dry. I am sending it dry. You can mix the oily gelee' with a little dry powder to get a nice scrub effect or just add water. The gelee is so nice..on its own... allow the gentle easy glide of oils on your face. So nice! Rinse  with hot water right in the shower or hold a nice hot towel to the face.
 The toner is a wee vial of spring water, apple cider vinegar which contains a lovely blend of refreshing oils; frankincense, lavender, bergamot..just a drop..the lavender is Bulgarian.

I am a little challenged with labels this merc far this is what I am cooking up.

tonight soap..cedarwood, patchouli, lavender vetiver..mmmmmmmm 

Let us remember soap and when we run out, there is is only one place to go..mine, on line..:)

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