Wednesday, December 12, 2012


As we all get older and every year around this time, as we  get to remembering how good we have it, I'll say this much about it.
Thank you for this day
thank you for all the money
thank you for delicious food
thank you for soap and essential oils

I call this soap "satsumas"

My friend Michelle, sent me a wonderful parcel!
 Orange wax which she has kept in  refrigeration and  she doesn't want it to just sit there, she gifted me with it..
A whole kilo for gosh sakes!
She loves me, and I love her..golly, how long have we all been making soap now?

I made this soap..last night.
Red mandarin oil with orange wax..
I wanted to put neroli and I thought about that, or black pepper.. or patchouli..yummm
I held my hand with both hands;)
made it simple
it is bright
with subtle mandarin smoothness and joy mixed in.

There will be plenty of time to make more about geranium, anyone craving some about now? Not everyone loves geranium, and I can take it or leave it..right now, I can take it, I even want some. A good geranium oil can be hypnotic.


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