Monday, December 24, 2012


Remember when jane fonda had dance exercise books and we would go to Bally fitness and do aerobics?
Well, in the olden days we would learn routines that we did to the beat of each song and they were the same every time.
I still think I can do the whole set of 9 to 5 with dolly parton or something..hah hahahaa
By the time I started teaching aerobics know, you go to class so much you fly through that..I was an ok dancer..if it weren't for my bow legs I would have gone  not really..I went to real dance classes all the time and could not keep up to save my life.
But I still loved the movement and excitement of dancing.
and by the time I began teaching, I wanted to dance to billy idol and the kinks..people would walk out of my class. Oh man that hurt.
Then, something happened. My classes became so full that there was a waiting list.
I made it fun, it was loud, I ran next to them, I did 500 or more sit ups a day.
(you can still see my six pack under a nice smooth layer of fat that there is at this moment:)

In your 20's you can do so much more physical stuff. I know, I  know, you are as old as you feel. It is true but your bones can only take so much abuse not matter how much botox you squirt in your eyebrows....
then again that crease would go away..botox...really? For about 1500 dollars,  you can inject enough filler to make your self look 20 years younger....
the future is creepy sometimes and then it is just like we are making it, I suppose.

I mean I think my mom who never wears make up looks really pretty..she was so pretty as girl, we all were.

I think I will not mind my crone phase at all, I'll be graceful as I age.

happy festivus
2013= 6

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