Monday, December 3, 2012

talking about love talking about the will to be loved

I am not shipping soap today like I thought I was going to.
 My schedule at work changed. When you work a job like this, you have to be accountable..well I do anyway. We invest so much time with all those people and then the corporation runs on a  rhythm on to itself....I am off tomorrow and would rather handle your packages calmly without work related issues surrounding my brain.

My awesome I've grown and enjoyed the process.  I have  grown to love certain people in the time they spend in my rhelm (spell that one) if you will.

The Gemini guy, gorgeous))..the Aries girl I work with, ( she is brillant) The Sag girl who I will argue religion with, she is Armenian and freaks out if you mention anything about science..the Capricorn Aquarius really big guy who stuns everyone with his leader abilities. Some men are born to control a whole group, yes?
There are also  many Libra men who work with me as well, and Libra women too. We Libras, we must enjoy the service,  the status and trust of clients and such..they are all so smart and diverse. I mean how else would so many Libras get together in one place? If you count all the people who run the store, Libras are there at the toppish:)
 But..we are also behind the scenes too. We are awesome at not leading..we are awesome at attracting and enjoying while being precise, we Libras are.
Cancer women now , are more subtle. sexy and curvy they are... I work with a Cancer girl who is  so ficken cute! Her ass wiggles when she walks away and yes it is  fun to watch men hang around her...puppies all of them..all she has to to do is unload boxes. I should spray some vanilla patchouli on her..I gave her some sulfur soap for her skin. She used it. her skin did look better.

I love them, even the Virgo ones, even them:):) (kidding) stop being sad Virgo dear, the best is yet to come!
Virgo is smart funny charming but the best thing to me is Virgo is, compassionate on a personal level. They will not go and save the world for you, but  they will be there when you are crying, they will tell it like it is and they will be understanding. Someone has to analyse and decipher!

more on people later.

"I am opening my heart and turning in and all at once to have expanded out to everywhere, my thoughts are like seeds spreading across vast waves of time and space"

I hope you are well and happy to have read this, thank you:)



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