Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merlin and patchouli oil reference

they use real references to oils and homeopathy all the time on the  show. My kids are like "too bad it was cancelled" Merlin prescribed patchouli for circulation and blood thinning....

Some things are only meant to be with us for a while I got cancelled because the writers were able to be as creative as they have been and can only create so many scenarios of Camelot being under attack!
I love the energy of the writing and the acting.
A Libra to play the king. He is cute..and the guy who plays Merlin is a what else but Capricorn!!
They both display perfectly their signs, too. Libra's ability to smell good and still allow for jack ass situations and then there is the Capricorn, able to laugh at him and know that he is something more powerful than any earthly king could create and yet he is still humble..biding his time, changing things with his will and ability to see though all the way to the edge of reality...
Capricorns are like that, man!!:):)

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