Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Full Moon

We had our first big snow fall yesterday. It is always exciting to see that much snow falling and covering everything white. So cold and the wind has been howling before all the snow came.
Wind is comes to clear the air.
It is about ideas and it is about cleansing both the body and the mind.
Now as winter settles in to it frosty rest, we too can take reprieve and rest our weary minds..

The full moon exposes true intentions and one must gather them and decide where one sit on the fence and get pelted by take your place, be quiet, and you will be peaceful and calm..
Who am I a philosopher?

Pluto is going to play it big for the next few  months. I know this because I follow Pluto in my chart big time.
In my first house at this moment and perhaps for the rest of my life here on earth.
Pluto has had some touchy angles in the last few months and with Uranus involved, it can be violent and passionate at the same time.
It is like "he loves me he loves me not"
he love me
"he" meaning he, she, them, it, god..
look at it like this
you have a ram and a goat serpent in a battle or grazing peacefully on the mountain range enjoying their lives....
because in the end, it is about happiness and contentment and that there is never an end..everything is always continually expanding, changing, disintegrating, coming back together because each cell has a memory.

now my brain is thinking about this;
if all that is true and each cell has a  memory, and in the beginning after the big bang , our planets formed, the exploded in heat so hot that it is inconceivable to fathom and that is what mystics back in time may have thought was Hell and God punishing us..maybe some have visions of what happened as we have formed in time...
maybe it is our cells remembering all that and yet through that, fire and brimstone, we have flourished and become more intelligent than ever before!
now my brain hurts for all that big thinking!!
have a wonderful day!

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