Friday, December 7, 2012

archaic yultide

since before they began writing things down, men and women had festivities during this time of year..
it is cold
all the fields are resting
there is plenty of food
and fermented drinks
beer really saved the world was a clean way to get liquids in you even when the water isn't so clean and it makes you feel nice. This note isn't about beer though. It is about me making a ritual of soap and scent and texure....

two months of festivities were the custom December it shall be at my place!
I will begin with my gift of specially prepared resin and black walnut soap.
There will be 11 more creations coming during this best time ever here on Earth.
December 7, 2012
Archaic Yuletide A Black Walnut Soap

In prep for this batch I gathered my resins. larch, cedar, mastic, myrrh, and ground them as finely as I could.
I then slowly simmered  this in a stainless steel container in a water bath until it became a loose paste. During this phase I also added the balsam fir absolute which really needs a hot process melt to be loosened up a is weird sweet and tangy and sweet again.
This was poured in to a soap formula at trace..trace mean that the soap cream is ready to be poured in a mold and have its chemical
Once thoroughly mixed in the resins dispersed evenly and very smoothly in the soap cream base! jajaja
I then added the walnut powder and essential oils of frankincense, cedar, cyprus and templin fir cone:)

Black Walnut Wood
Feminine and Masculine energies are present in Black Walnut. Closely aligned with the elements of Earth and Spirit. Walnut is sacred to the Gods Vashaan, Zues, Jupiter, Thor, and Vishnu.

Magical properties: Black walnut wands are well used in magics of teleportation, astral travel, weather working, averting lightening, powers of the wind and breath, and motivation.

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