Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara

Matt Smith (Dr Who) is Scorpio and his new companion Clara is Taurus in real life..
They have a certain chemistry which ooses brain plus sex..
That is Taurus and Scorpio together..intense, sexy and earthy with a little sting...
what do you think??

Dr Who Ideas by me, anastasia...lol

update after the episode: The Snowmen  12/26/2012
In spite of all the commercials  and breaks I loved it. I need to see it again because Moffat is so fast, you are like supposed to already know stuff..I love  the doctor, all of them...and we still cried at the thought of Amy..
My daughter Emily, was a little confused as he is married to River, as  you may recall, .but you must also know that River died in the Library episode and they are in reverse time with each other.
One of my favorite and most creepy..they are all a little creepy. Dr Who;The Library..

I hope that you get to see this and as for me, I will wait for the box set of the season to really indulge in The Dr and Steven Moffat's style of writing.
I still miss Russel T..he made me cry at every story. He can rip your heart out with words that man can..

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